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South Seas Spas

ABOUT TLC SPAS - South Seas Spa (above)

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Meet Our Team...

TLC Spas Team

About TLC Spas

TLC Spas is our new addition to our family run business The Landscaping Centre (TLC).

TLC have been building and maintaining beautiful gardens since 2005 and continue to thrive in the garden design and build industry. We have seen an increasing demand for the supply and service of hot tubs throughout the west of Scotland. Having installed gardens designed around their spas we have a vast knowledge and experience in the hot tub base and electric installation.

We have done the hard part for you and researched the vast range of hot tubs available in the UK and found the American made Artesian spas to be in league of their own. Artesian spas are brought in from the factory in Las Vegas to our distributer in Doncaster and then up the road to your home, delivered and installed by us at TLC Spas. We are fully trained and can provide the highest customer aftercare possible from installation to servicing and maintenance.

We value our customers that we have built over the last 16 year's and customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.
We would love for you to come visit us and start you on the road to relaxation in your spa.

More details of our Spas...

Artesian Spas™ Garden Spas

About Artesian Spas™

Artesian Spas is an award winning American manufacturer of custom, luxury hydrotherapy spas and exercise pools.

Artesian Spas’ unique handcrafted artistry and performance innovation has set the industry standard, giving Artesian Spas world-wide recognition.

With dealerships expanding in over 60 countries and growing, Artesian Spas provides the industry’s leading hot tub brands: Platinum Elite, Island Spas, South Seas, Garden Spas, and the innovative exercise pool called the TidalFit recently seen on the television show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.

Artesian Spas™ TidalFit

Quality Construction

Artesian spas are built from the ground up to the highest standards. We start by building our frames using only pressure-treated lumber on top of a full ABS Base. This solid foundation is covered with our beautiful, durable cabinets. The space between the maintenance-free cabinet and the structure is filled with insulating foam. This full-foam insulation provides the most efficient heat retention rating available in any spa, and it also dramatically increases the lifespan of the spa. We top it all off with our durable, hand-sculpted acrylic shell with our lifetime Diamondbond backing. Our jets rotate on bearings rather than plastic for ease of adjustment, and our pillows are a dyed-through, closed-cell foam to prevent cracking, discoloration, and water absorption. We build a spa the same way a good house is built – to last!

At Artesian Spas, our experts apply ergonomic seating designs, both lounge and chair, to the interior of our spas. Each seat helps maintain an even weight distribution and correct posture when enjoying the powerful massage therapy of the helix jets. The bench seats allow you to swivel to not only massage your back but your sides and arms too.

Artesian Elite Spas™

How to Buy one of our Spas

Please visit our showroom in Oban to view a selection of Spas, pick up a brochure and have a chat with us.

We can arrange to visit you with a view to designing your garden around your new Spa.

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